Please note: pricing for massage-work is based on treatment time. Average session time is 60min.

Sat Nam
60min: R350
120min: R600

Studio*                                          Travelling
30min: R150                                  30min: R270
40/45min: R180                             60min: R350
60min: R250                                  90min: R450
90min: R350                                  120min: R600
120min: R450

Massage treatments include:
Shiatsu Neck Release (30min):
Pressure points, situated on neck & shoulders, are pressed in a specific sequence to relieve tension and stress.
Indian Head Massage (30min): Pressure points situated on scalp, neck & shoulders, are slowly pressed so as to release stress and tension. Particularly good for headache/migraine sufferers.
Swedish/Classical: A slow, calming massage- excellent for stress relief and boosting immunity.
Manual Lymph Drainage: A light repetitive massage, used to help drain the body of excess fluid & toxins. Excellent for boosting immunity, slimming, fluid retention, recovery from surgery, & and a must for any athlete’s training programme.
Sports: A deep tissue massage specifically designed for active/sports people. Helps with sports injuries as well as helping prevent tissue damage before and after an event.
Hot Stone Massage: A medium pressure massage incorporating hot basalt stones. Excellent for stress relief, and removal of pain & tension in body tissue.
Deep Connective Tissue: A very deep pressure massage, performed very slowly. Helps to boost immune system, and repair damaged tissue by re-aligning body tissues.
Lomi-Lomi: An Hawaiian form of deep connective tissue- slightly faster and more rhythmic. Therapist uses flat area of forearm as well as hands, fists, and elbows to work on body tissue.
Zone Therapy (Reflexology): A form of reflexology massage. Areas of the feet, that are considered linked to specific areas on the body, are massaged, so as to encourage healing in that particular area of the body.

Energy Work
Polarity  (60min)

A light, static hand position technique that works on returning the body’s positive & negative energies to a balancd state. Wonderfully relaxing & rejuvenating. Performed with client fully clothed, lying down.
Reiki (60min)
Japanese energy therapy, works on the body’s Chakras or energy centre’s so as to encourage tissue healing. Wonderfully relaxing and rejuvenating. Performed with client fully clothed, lying down.
Crystal/Colour/Aroma Therapy  (60min)
A highly relaxing & rejuvenating healing session- patient lies on multi-coloured sheets. Crystals are placed on the body, & essential oils are burnt to encourage healing, while a simple “laying on of hands” technique is used.           

Medispa Treatments
Scrubs (exfoliation)  (40min)

Removes dead skin cells, increases circulation and flushes the body of any toxins- leaving skin looking incredibly smooth, & moisturized. Either full body or hands/feet. Options include Lemon/Poppyseed, Grapefruit/Sugar, Coffee/Yoghurt, and Sea Salt/Lavender or Peppermint.
Full Body Wet-Sheet Wrap (60min)
Client is placed in a essential oil sheet wrap. Layers of blankets/towels are applied to keep snug. Client is then left to relax and allow the body to fully detoxify and heal itself.     
Back Purifying Treatment (45min)
A cleansing bentonite clay masque is applied to the back area and allowed to dry. Once fully set, it is sponged off, removing any impurities from the skin’s surface and leaving it looking and feeling incredibly clear and clean.    

Combo Treatments
Full Body Scrub + Wrap (90min)
Foot Exfoliation + Massage    (40min)
Back Purifying Treatment + IHM or foot massage (45min)
Full Body wet sheet + IHM or foot massage (60min)
Reiki + Crystal/Colour/Aroma Therapy (60min)

*Please note: first session will always be performed at Sat Nam Sanctuary, after which client may choose to either come to studio or remain at Sat Nam.